New Babies

I adopted a sweet brother/sister pair of kittens from the Toronto Cat Rescue this weekend!

Their mom was a rescue from a hoarder, and she was a bit too far along to abort so they let her have her kittens before fixing her, and now two of these little sweethearts live with me. :D

They were born on January 3rd, so they are a couple days shy of being 3 months old. They are full of energy, but still skittish about being in a new home.

Their shelter names were Emmett and Ellie, but I haven’t decided on what their new names will be yet. (I’ve got an ongoing list; pair-name suggestions being accepted. Current frontrunners are Mork & Mindy, Lina & Xellos, and Lilo & Stitch)

She’s a dilute calico tabby, and he’s a ginger tabby. He’s much more outgoing than she is, so the photos I have of her so far are kinda blurry.

I’m in love!

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Hair, There, and Everywhere

Bored and frustrated with my life. As usual, this often precipitates a drastic hair change. If I can’t control my circumstances, I can at least control my body, amirite?

I’m thinking synthetic dreads/braids this time.
I’m serious.
No, I’m not going to shave my eyebrows or get snakebite piercings or giant saggy ears. But I’ve been every colour of the rainbow already, and I’m not feeling particularly excited about the possibility about any one of them right now. I need something more than that right now. I’m feeling down, and need a reason to smile in the mirror. Blah, blah, depression, blah.

This still fits in with my plan to grow my hair out. Synth dreads are braided in with your real hair and then left in for a month or so, and as your hair grows out you can move them up and re-braid them to keep it looking neat. The point is, I don’t actually have to ruin my hair.

I’m leaning toward a blonde/red mix or a fiery red/copper mix for colour. I don’t think I’d want a solid blonde (even a mix of blonde shades) and I don’t want to go back to brown hair yet.

Synthetic dreadlocks ideas:
My comments on each one are in the descriptions of when you click on them to view fullsize.
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Con-G Season 5 Mini Recap

Con-G was this past weekend, and it went really well!

We had over 1400 people attend Con-G this year, which is about a 40% increase over last year. Woo hoo!

We also announced that the staff is burning out and we need a break! 2014 will be our last show (or perhaps we’ll just take a break for 2015 and return in 2016, but we’ll see.).
Yes, there were a lot of tears when we made that announcement, both on the part of us staff and on the part of the audience.

Hopefully I’ll have time for a better recap later.

Caitlin sleep now.
And by sleep, I mean work.

Thinking About Changes

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life.

The short answer is I still don’t know, but things are becoming clearer, a little. I’m trying to figure out my core values, because I’d like to build my life around things I believe in, rather than simply things I’ve accepted without (much) question because “everyone does that”.

Push. Turn up the volume. Go hard. Go harder.
Re-prioritize your aches and pains.
Infuse your sensitivities with courage.
Tell fear to fuck right the fuck off.
Devote to Done.
-Danielle LaPorte

Huge Updates Forthcoming

Those few of you who actually read this blog already know the major update in my life. I should be able to write about it, at least in basic terms, within a month or two. I do want to update everyone on how my life is going, a major event, and all the silly little stories that involve things that are currently not-so-public, but for now you’ll just have to be patient. For now, just know that my life has taken a completely new turn, and overall I’m fine.

So brace yourselves. It’s about to get weird in here.

[Is anyone still reading this on LiveJournal? If so, please comment! Is there even still a point in crossposting to LJ?]

Dentist Adventures

Here is how my day has been so far:

I had an appointment for a filling in the lower right of my mouth. Things were going fine, and they gave me the freezing and started drilling. Then my jaw got dislocated and stuck open like it sometimes does while at the dentist. Usually, I just have to relax the muscles and it’ll slip back into place, but this time it didn’t. :(

The dentist tried to pop it back into place, but she wasn’t strong enough and didn’t really want to hurt me more. We eventually managed to get the left side working, but the right was pretty much a lost cause, so they called around to all the oral surgeons in town. One was out of town at his KW office for the day, one was prepping for surgery for a car accident facial reconstruction, and one was busy but said he could fit me in. Heading to the Emergency Department at the hospital was also discussed, but was rejected because a) the Guelph hospital is really slow, and b) they wouldn’t be as good with this sort of thing anyway, since it’s a dental issue. By this time, I was starting to panic a little because it had never happened for so long before, and I’ve always been able to get it back into place myself (except for the time when I got my wisdom teeth out, and the surgeon had to relocate it for me, but I had barely just woken up from the anaesthetic at the time, so I neither felt it nor cared). It’s kinda scary to try to relax a joint back into place, and then it won’t, because when it won’t it makes it that much harder to try to relax again. o_0 My dentist is a really super nice lady, and she was so upset about hurting me.

So I went downtown, drooling all the way since I couldn’t close my mouth or swallow (sexy!) and found the surgeon’s office. I luckily found parking around around the corner.

I had to fill out a bunch of medical and insurance forms since it was my first visit to that doctor, and then I sat in the waiting room, mouth agape, with a mom who was waiting for her kid to come out of surgery. I don’t know what kind, but he’d obviously been under some kind of sedation, because we started hearing a kid and the doctor singing loudly. We laughed at this, but I learned that laughing put exactly the wrong kind of pressure on a dislocated jaw, so I was laughing, drooling, and wincing, and the poor mom was doing her best not to laugh at me doing all this. It was actually pretty funny, except for the pain, which would likely have been a lot worse if I hadn’t already been all frozen on that half of my face. I had to stuff a wad of tissues in my mouth so I could look down to fill out the forms. I felt so classy.

When the surgeon saw me, it took him all of 10 seconds to say “You’re not going to like me very much for this”, stick his thumbs in my mouth and grab my jaw and drop it back into place. By that point I loved him for it, since it hurt soooo much less when it was back in place, and I could do fancy things like swallow my own spit and stop freaking out. He made me rest it for a little while, and then I got to pay $160 and was sent back to the dentist.

So I went back to get my filling finished, since they’d already started drilling so now it’s all open, but the dentist didn’t really want to keep going today since all my jaw muscles are all stretched and sore so there’s kinda a huge chance of it happening again if we tried more dental work right now, so it got rescheduled for tomorrow.

The entire adventure took about an hour and a half, and was stuck open for a good hour.

So now I’m frozen, with an open cavity, and really sore face/jaw/neck muscles and I feel pretty miserable. D:
I’m also hungry, but I can’t eat yet because I’m still frozen and will bite myself.

Kobo Cover!

I finally made a cover for my Kobo Vox! I totally stole the idea from Gord, who wondered why I hadn’t done one myself yet, since I was complaining about not having a cover yet.
Well, I had to fix that.

I went to the library, but they didn’t have anything suitable for sale, so I ended up at a thrift store, where I snagged a copy of A Little Princess for $1. It was a touch shorter than I’d been looking for, but the book itself was too perfect to pass up. It even had one of those ribbon bookmarks that I left in place.

I made a big mess of my living room floor with all the paper shreds, but it worked out really well! I used my Dremmel to smooth out the edges and make sure the corners were rounded enough

Check it out:
[singlepic id=1 w=200 h=150 float=left] [singlepic id=2 w=200 h=150]
[singlepic id=3 w=200 h=150 float=left] [singlepic id=4 w=200 h=150]

Ta da! I’m very pleased with how this turned out.

(Also, I set up a new gallery plugin. I’m still getting used to it. I can’t find a way to import my old gallery photos yet.)


My SAD is getting a bit better the past couple weeks. I think, despite the inherent frustrations involved, going to cons for the past 2 weekends has helped. Human interaction, even when it feels like the last thing I want and I have to force myself (usually unsuccessfully, but lately fairly successfully) to go do it, usually does help.
Anxiety levels are still pretty high.

I have also come to some odd conclusions about my life. I don’t know where they will lead. I don’t yet even know if they make sense. I need to discuss them first, but I don’t want to have that conversation. I do know something needs to change or I’ll go crazy.